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Water Blossom Creations, LLC owns the unique and patented root watering tool, Water Blossom. It is a unique decorative root watering tool that helps gardeners to water their plants better. The founder of Water Blossom, an avid gardener http://shoppingblogonline.com/best-garden-gifts-for-every-gardener-young-and-old/ noticed that too much water was being lost due to evaporation, resulting in inefficient root systems. Water Blossom is the solution to this problem, an innovative root watering tool that enables one to deep water the root system, allowing the water to penetrate at least 6 to 12 inches below the surface. Our root watering tool has four important parts: An attractive, flower shaped capture basin which diverts the water into a hollow stem that follows from the bottom of the basin. Next comes the Deep Delivery Channel which is made from a sturdy aluminum tube and carries the water below soil level. Followed by this is the Direct Root Watering which disperses the water in 4 different directions at multiple levels, allowing the water to penetrate the root system at all levels and all directions. Lastly, the tool ends with a pointed tip that helps in deep insertion of the tool into the soil and also helps the stem from clogging with soil. The tool is very easy to use as it can be used during all the seasons, both indoors and outdoors. The tool comes in variety of flower shaped basins, in many attractive colors. To check them out visit our online store at https://waterblossomcreations.com/ and https://waterblossomcreations.com/pages/how-it-works.

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